We are always on startup mode which ever project we do – our passion drives us, our open culture brings out creativity and innovation and our strong skill base and experience coupled with our tried and tested development process makes great software.

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We Are

We just love software development.That love brings in the passion to create something amazing. And the passion gives us the energy that drives us. We call it “the perpetual startup spirit” That’s just the easiest to explain this phenomenon to someone outside Source Forces.


We are not just a place where software gets made. We see our space as a place for solving problems, for fun and creativity, for crafting things that are as simple to use as they are beautiful to look at. Our culture is open and without hierarchy.


We are great believers of the Agile methodology in software development. Everything is bound to change and we are prepared for that change. We love to develop in small steps – giving our customers something to look at and give us feedback in at every stage.


We help you to define and refine the requirements for your new product and ensure what we are building will deliver the business impact you need.


Using quantitative and qualitative data, we measure the effectiveness of the product, iterating through the process again until the full business value is realized.


We value collaborative, open relationships with our clients. Our developers listen closely and communicate clearly.

Latest Works

Branding & Identity
Mobile Applicaiton
Software Development
Web Application


Web Application

UNB Newswire

Web Application

JOB Portal

Software Development / Web Application

Globalliance Group

Web Application

Cosmos Books

Web Application


Software Development


Web Application

How We Work

  • We Serve
  • Our Process
  • Our Expertise

Mobile apps

We build native apps, which have the benefit of being downloadable from app stores, being closely integrated with the device features such as camera, file system and GPS, and potentially being usable offline.

Process management

Source Forces has also designed and developed complete end-to-end business management systems for several clients that have very specialist business models.

Software design services

Our software design services enable us to provide guarantees over cost, delivery and final product quality. They are also one of the key reasons why we haven’t missed a single delivery date in the last five years.

Systems integration

Source Forces has significant experience in building apps that will integrate with your existing systems using APIs and web services

Product development

Our goal is to partner with organizations that see software development as being strategically important

Business intelligence

Source Forces has developed a range of portals, analytics and reporting tools that meet specific client needs

User experience

Source Forces is passionate about design. People use the software that we design and build every day. Our goal is that our applications genuinely enhance people’s jobs and are a pleasure to use.

Responsive design

We are leader in developing responsive design web applications that react to the user’s behavior and environment and ensure your organizations content is easy to interface with, whatever device is being used.

Customer dashboards

Customers expect transparency and access to real-time data. We have building a customer dashboard to mobilize these systems can result in a high quality, low risk and cost effective solution.

  • Prototyping and ideation with R&D Lab

    Our engineers conduct a feasibility assessment and build prototypes for the boldest ideas you can imagine.

  • MVP development with lean teams

    Build your minimum viable product to test your ideas on the real market and get insights for instant improvement.

  • Product engineering with managed teams

    We embrace an agile product development methodology to lead you through all project stages, from planning to rollout, and achieve desired results quickly and efficiently. Next step

  • Ongoing support and maintenance with Support Center

    We can set up a 2nd and 3rd line of support for you, help develop additional features or fix bugs in existing products.

Web Technologies We Use

Ruby On Rails Development

SourceForces use Ruby on Rails, a full-stack development framework, and a plethora of Ruby’s security and performance gems to rapidly deliver prototypes for startups or advanced web applications for mature businesses.
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Python Development

SourceForces delivers a wide range of custom Python solutions, spanning sophisticated web portals and next gen apps, whether they are critical to your business or are aimed at improving experience and presence.

Java Development

SourceForces experts in Java consulting, Java architects and developers draw on a well-crafted set of patterns for design and implementation of a variety of integration solutions. We plug together Java and non-Java applications that are custom-built, part of legacy systems, acquired from a 3rd-party vendor, or a combination thereof.

PHP Development

Be it a simple portal or a complex enterprise solution with mission critical tasks, we are here to exploit the power and maturity of PHP to address the full spectrum of your business needs.

Mobile Technologies We Use

Android Application Development

SourceForces builds custom apps from the ground up, taking advantage of all the features that make Android the world’s most popular mobile platform.

iPhone Application Development

SourceForces designs and develops beautiful iPhone and iPad apps with a focus on user experience, functional design and codebase performance. We deliver across a range of domains and mobile use cases, maintaining industry leadership in:

Cross Platform Development

We deliver custom cross-platform React, Ionic & Xamarin-based solutions for iOS, Android and Windows with native UIs, API access, platform-specific capabilities and performance utilizing our background in building both Java-based systems and native apps.

What You Get With SourceForces

  • 7+ years of experience in software development
  • Flexible and cost-efficient cooperation models
  • Extensive technology consulting expertise
  • Business-changing solutions with Design Thinking approach
  • Reduced investments risks with MVP development
  • Rapid technological improvements with an in-house R&D lab

Latest News

Does your startup really need a mobile app?

January 6, 2018
Many young, passionate, and hot-blooded entrepreneurs are very quick to jump on the latest trends, be it posting the very first 360-degree picture on their social media pages or building their startup’s shiny new app just because everyone has one.   I, for one, have been guilty of that. A few years back, when my team and I were spending tons of time at McDonald’s actualizing our dream startup, Serenity Services Asia, we were so convinced that we needed that app. Fast forward a few months later, we were so happy with the MVP that the moment it was up on Google Play, we started sharing it with our friends! Alas, the game of chasing downloads and seeing the numbers increase day-on-day was limited, and ultimately, it plateaued. The team then took a step back and analyzed the situation we were in. On hindsight, it turned out that we didn’t really need that shiny new app after all, especially when we were a social enterprise at heart, but more so because we were bootstrapping. As they say, “One man’s mistake is another man’s learning”, so we have come up with some questions you should go through before googling for that app development firm: 1. Does the volume of your business warrant an app or can your team handle it? If the transaction volume is going to be very high, developing an app will save your team a lot of precious time, which can then be invested in growing the business or expanding to other markets. In my case, we overestimated the number of bookings we would be receiving at the launch of our on-demand massage service; our team could have handled the bookings back-end efficiently without the use of an app. Even now, when the volume of our massage bookings have increased considerably, we are still doing fine without the app. 2. Is there something that cannot be replicated on a mobile responsive website? Let’s face it. We may have wild ideas about how our startup website should ideally look, but each and every browser has their specific set of technical specifications and limitations that we have to adhere to. An app could solve most of such problems. But in my case, the answer was a resounding no. The simplicity of my business, which matches customers with aching muscles to my pool of curated massage therapists, means a mobile responsive website is more than adequate to solve that problem. 3. Does your startup have the resources to build, maintain and update the app? Building a well-designed, customer-centric app is not simple. You have to invest time in thinking through the entire user journey and ways to keep your customers engaged enough and, more importantly, continue using your app. Not to mention the monetary costs involved. There are the usual hosting and maintenance fees you have to pay the developers to constantly fix bugs, and again, the time needed for approval from the authorities to get the updated versions up and running. And also, to effectively reach as many

iOS App Developers Have Now Earned $86 Billion (Including $890 Million For Christmas Week)

December 28, 2017
Apple announced today that iOS app developers have now earned $86 billion dollars in revenue. That’s partially due to paid apps, but largely thanks to in-app purchases of game advantages and virtual in-game currencies. And it doesn’t even count in-app advertising revenue. And the income is increasing. “During the week starting on Christmas Eve, a record number of customers made purchases or downloaded apps from the App Store, spending over $890 million in that seven-day period,” Apple posted today. The almost $90 billion total that app developers have earned stretches back to July 2008, when Apple launched the App Store. But Apple paid out $26.5 billion of that sum in calendar 2017 alone. That’s 31% of the almost decade-old App Store’s payouts in just one year. These enormous sums are actually only a portion of what app developers make — the generally 70% of revenue that comes their way when people buy apps, buy upgrades, or buy subscriptions. Advertising is a fast-growing component of mobile app revenue that Apple generally doesn’t measure … in just the United States last year, mobile app ad revenue hit $33 billion. Global revenues should be at least double that, although iOS’s ad revenue share will be less overseas than in the U.S., as Android has significantly higher market share globally. The week following Christmas clearly has higher revenue than other weeks: $890 million, Apple said. That compares to an average 2017 week’s revenue of $510 million. If Apple could hit that $900 million mark every week next year as it continues to add customers — and monetization opportunities — global in-app revenue for iOS apps alone could hit $46.8 billion in 2018. That’s probably unrealistic, but streaming music and streaming video apps are continuing to add customers quickly, and Apple generally gets a piece of that revenue.

reVIVE wins the Disrupt NY 2017 Hackathon Grand Prize

August 22, 2017
It’s been a long night at Pier 36, also known as Basketball City. But this time, you couldn’t see hoops. Instead, the building hosted a very special competition — the Disrupt NY Hackathon. The first team to go onstage at the Disrupt NY 2017 Hackathon showed off reVIVE, a virtual reality solution for diagnosing ADHD. The team of three high school juniors wanted to create a solution that would simplify the lengthy and expensive process of diagnosing the illness. The team tells me that ADHD normally takes six to nine months to diagnose, and that process alone can cost patients thousands of dollars. The reVIVE tool is composed of three different tests that gauge the user’s motor skills, sustained concentration and reaction time. Users are asked to perform tasks like navigating a maze, touching colored objects as they light up certain colors and standing still within a defined space. The team created a scoring system to measure a user’s performance that will allow medical professionals to gain a clearer picture of their situation within minutes. Akshaya Dinesh, 17; Sowmya Patapati, 16; and Amulya Balakrishnan, 17, built the virtual reality app for the HTC Vive using Unity. The team of New Jersey high school students met and became friends at the hackathon. Balakrishnan and Patapati work with the organization #BUILTBYGIRLS. “We really wanted to quantify ADHD diagnoses,” said Dinesh “When you’re immersed in a 360 environment, patients experience the environment as if they’re really there.” The team isn’t trying to replace the role of therapists when it comes to treatment, but they believe that the app can serve as a telemedicine tool, alerting a user’s therapist to their latest performance inside the app, while analyzing the data over time thanks to IBM Watson. Medical diagnosing and treatment have already proven to be a major use case for virtual reality. Companies like MindMaze have already achieved unicorn status catering their VR solutions directly to medical professionals. The team believes that diagnosing illnesses is one of “the best use cases possible for VR.

Should you develop a mobile app for your business?

June 5, 2017
Did you know that 68% of companies have integrated mobile marketing in their strategy? Or that 80% of internet users own a smartphone? But – are mobile apps necessary for each and every business? And mostly, does your business need one? As social media and digital marketing experts, we’ve tried to give you some useful tips to answer your questions. Read on to find out! 1) FIRST STEP: ASK YOURSELF THE RIGHT QUESTIONS Who is your target audience? Who are the people you are targeting as potential customers? Are they connected? Do they use smartphones? If the answers are yes, then your audience is a perfect fit for an app! This could be an efficient way to get your customers engaged with your content but also to make them loyal. What is your budget?  Try to make sure your audience would use your app… because developing it does not come cheap!  If you have no experience or training in app development, you might consider hiring a professional developer. Keep in mind that you are not only going to spend on the software but also on the maintenance once it’s launched. Indeed, once your app is published, you still have to update your content, track and analyze how your app is performing and so forth. However, in case the costs would exceed your budget, you can still advertise your products on mobile websites. 2) SECOND STEP: WHERE DOES YOUR BUSINESS STAND IN THE MARKET?  What is your brand image? And mostly, what image do you want your business to have?  Launching an app would contribute to building an innovative and cutting-edge image for your brand. In fact, many companies use apps more in order to create and spread a modern/ technologic image than because they have perfect app use cases. Do your competitors use mobile apps?  Competition springs innovation. And if your competitors have a mobile app, you might consider creating one for several reasons. First, enterprise mobile apps drive competitive advantage, since they are one of the most efficient means to engage with customers.  Second, if your competitors have a mobile app strategy, it is no longer an option. It’s a necessity for you to create one if you don’t want your customers to be targeted and engaged with their content. IN CONCLUSION Launching your own app could be really beneficial for your company, but it might also be a considerable loss of time, involvement and money if you don’t manage to answer these questions right. At sourceforces, as digital marketing experts, we would be delighted to advise and arrange a FREE Consultancy meeting, send us an email at

Software industry: Bright future

April 30, 2017
The software and information technology enabled services (ITES) industry is one of the most promising sectors of Bangladesh, with several growth drivers, like a large pool of efficient young professionals, collaborative environment with the government, dynamic leadership from Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Service (BASIS) and positive media involvement. Some twenty years ago, this industry predominantly existed as a hardware vendor market with little or no value addition on the local front. A series of programmed was initiated in 1997 with specific focus on export of software and IT services. Over the last decade, Bangladesh has pushed the idea of an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) driven society, but with no significant progress except on the telecommunications front. The government amended copyright laws for software and other intellectual properties in 2000, instituted ICT Task Force in 2001, approved ICT policy in 2002, and established an ICT incubator along with an e-governance programed under the ICT Task Force in 2003. The IT sector was declared a key priority by the previous government (2007-2013) since it fits their ongoing campaign to create a “Digital Bangladesh” by 2021. However, poor infrastructure, including frequent power crises, and slow and unreliable internet connections are the most immediate problems. Today, this industry is estimated to be worth around $400 million, where approximately 70,000 professionals, mostly IT graduates, are employed. As per BASIS, there are over 800 registered software and ITES companies, along with a few hundred unregistered small and home-based software and IT ventures doing business for both local and international markets. Some companies are developing web applications based on the cloud delivery model, thus defining a new wave in the IT industry. A large part of this industry provides business application solutions including accounting software, human resource software, office management and security solutions, and sales automation and inventory management systems to the private sector. However, a major focus for most IT companies still continues to be in the banking and other financial sectors. IT companies have created a sizable market space in service industries like telecommunications, retail and wholesale, healthcare, education, publishing and real estate. The growth in the software and ITES industry has been driven by this growing IT automation demand in the domestic market. The impressive trends in software exports in recent years played a deterministic role as well. Bangladesh has made major strides in laying the groundwork for a diverse and successful outsourcing market, particularly in 2010 and 2011. A new trend is the individual/group-based outsourcing, also known as freelancing. These are informal initiatives taken by young IT professionals and students to acquire clients through various online marketing channels. Freelancing activities mainly include software, web design, mobile application, graphic design, search engine optimisation, social media marketing and data processing. Exports from the software and ITES sector were around $100 million in July-May 2012-13. In terms of export destinations, North America (mainly USA) dominates while UK, Denmark and Netherlands have emerged as major destinations in recent years. Besides regular exports to Australia

Another app is launched- for your restaurant inventory management we came up with the easiest solution; Please check this application out.
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in 2017 we started this journey and its been 2 years we accomplished so much achievements and cant ask more. Thank you everyone for being part of our family. Wish you a great happy anniversary of another successful year from #sourceforces team.

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