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Industry Voice: Why tool adoption by employees will drive IT decisions in 2021

October 20, 2020
The rapid digital transformation and resulting challenges that accompanied the shift to remote working cannot be understated. According to IDC, the adoption of collaborative technologies in 2020 accelerated by five years in just a few months. This dramatic transformation has ultimately left

Top 5 Apps For Leveling Up a Work From Home Environment

March 5, 2020
Working from home can be a bad deal when done without having all the necessary digital gadgets for it. These days you have to up your game with work from home if you want to make pace with the leading establishments. Not just for handling business matters and getting constructive work but

Virtual Reality: What’s the future potential?

August 13, 2019
How can VR impact our everyday lives? As humans, we’re constantly questioning what the future holds for technology because, like it or not, it has a direct impact on everybody’s lives whether positive or otherwise. Technology develops at lightning-fast speeds, and it can sometimes be hard to

Does your startup really need a mobile app?

January 6, 2018
Many young, passionate, and hot-blooded entrepreneurs are very quick to jump on the latest trends, be it posting the very first 360-degree picture on their social media pages or building their startup’s shiny new app just because everyone has

iOS App Developers Have Now Earned $86 Billion (Including $890 Million For Christmas Week)

December 28, 2017
Apple announced today that iOS app developers have now earned $86 billion dollars in revenue. That’s partially due to paid apps, but largely thanks to in-app purchases of game advantages and virtual in-game currencies. And it doesn’t even count in-app advertising revenue. And the

reVIVE wins the Disrupt NY 2017 Hackathon Grand Prize

August 22, 2017
It’s been a long night at Pier 36, also known as Basketball City. But this time, you couldn’t see hoops. Instead, the building hosted a very special competition — the Disrupt NY Hackathon. The first team to go onstage at the Disrupt NY 2017 Hackathon showed off reVIVE, a virtual reality