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Should you develop a mobile app for your business?

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Did you know that 68% of companies have integrated mobile marketing in their strategy? Or that 80% of internet users own a smartphone?

But – are mobile apps necessary for each and every business? And mostly, does your business need one?

As social media and digital marketing experts, we’ve tried to give you some useful tips to answer your questions. Read on to find out!


  • Who is your target audience?

Who are the people you are targeting as potential customers? Are they connected? Do they use smartphones? If the answers are yes, then your audience is a perfect fit for an app! This could be an efficient way to get your customers engaged with your content but also to make them loyal.

  • What is your budget? 

Try to make sure your audience would use your app… because developing it does not come cheap!  If you have no experience or training in app development, you might consider hiring a professional developer. Keep in mind that you are not only going to spend on the software but also on the maintenance once it’s launched. Indeed, once your app is published, you still have to update your content, track and analyze how your app is performing and so forth.

However, in case the costs would exceed your budget, you can still advertise your products on mobile websites.


What is your brand image? And mostly, what image do you want your business to have? 

Launching an app would contribute to building an innovative and cutting-edge image for your brand. In fact, many companies use apps more in order to create and spread a modern/ technologic image than because they have perfect app use cases.

Do your competitors use mobile apps? 

Competition springs innovation. And if your competitors have a mobile app, you might consider creating one for several reasons. First, enterprise mobile apps drive competitive advantage, since they are one of the most efficient means to engage with customers.  Second, if your competitors have a mobile app strategy, it is no longer an option. It’s a necessity for you to create one if you don’t want your customers to be targeted and engaged with their content.


Launching your own app could be really beneficial for your company, but it might also be a considerable loss of time, involvement and money if you don’t manage to answer these questions right. At sourceforces, as digital marketing experts, we would be delighted to advise and arrange a FREE Consultancy meeting, send us an email at

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